UAI 2008 Student-Author Travel Grants

Application deadline: Wednesday, May 21, 2008

UAI has limited funds available to provide financial support to student authors of papers at UAI-08. Each student author must declare his or her intent to register by the early registration deadline and follow the instructions on this page by the deadline above to be eligible for financial support.

Funding Details

Student authors (who apply by the deadline) may be provided a registration fee waiver and some financial support for transportation costs. Financial support for students is made possible by donations and grants. The amount of support will be determined by the donations, the number of students applying for support, and expected travel costs for the students.

Note: If you have already registered for the conference, please inform us of this in your application. If you are selected for a registration waiver, your registration fee will be refunded.

How to Apply

Students wishing to receive a UAI student-author travel grant should send an application with the following information:

All information should be formatted in plain text. Applications should be emailed to: Ronald Parr - - with the subject "UAI Student-Author Grant Application".

Funding Mechanism

We will issue decisions on registration fee waivers no later than May 28 to ensure that students whose applications are rejected will still have to time register by the early registration deadline.

Decisions on reimbursements will be made shortly thereafter and checks will be issued at the conference.